Exceptional residential houses in Prague by boq architekti

A simple cube with hanging wooden construction. Closed-up, practical layout utilizing views of the landscape. This is a development project by boq architekti called “Za Vetrnikem Dobris”.

Three semi-detached houses which were created as the first stage of the whole locality. Six units that form the basis of the developing part of Dobris city.

The entrance area is followed by a cloakroom, toilet and guest room/study, which leads to the living area with the kitchen and dining room. On the upper floor, there are two rooms with a bathroom and separate parent wing with bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

The architects worked with overhead lighting, that illuminates the hallway on the ground floor. They have also worked with an interior / exterior relationship. Therefore, almost every room in the house has an exit to the terrace or balcony.

A significant element of the whole project is a steel frame with a wooden filling that fulfills several functions. It creates hidden nooks for storing garden tools, contributes to the shading of interior spaces and mainly creates a secondary cloak, a barrier that ensures the owners much more privacy.

Photos by Alexandra Timpau

source: http://notapaperhouse.com/exceptional-residential-houses-in-prague-by-boq-architekti/

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