DIY Tutorial: Build a Desk from a Wood Pallet

pallet desk diy

How to Build a PALLET DESK

This pallet has been standing in my living room for some time now, and I finally decided what I want to use it for. I needed a desk, and it led me (with some help from my brother and niece) to making one using this pallet. it didn’t take more than half an hour to make, and I’m super happy with the result.

Editor: The site I found this on (Pecuilarmee . com) is no longer working, so I moved the content here. If the original author would like it removed, please email me. This pallet desk tutorial was first posted on peculiarmee . com.

You’ll need: a pallet (I prefer one that looks old and used), additional planks of the same size as the thinnest planks on the pallet, a hammer and nails.remove the thinnest planks from the pallet, or let your pretty little niece help you do it.

Make the desk top, it’s easy to see what I’ve done. you’ll need two small planks with the size of your desk top’s width. when it comes to the desk top it’s optional how many planks you use, this depends on how far out you want the desk top to be. I used three planks, but would’ve used more if it hadn’t been for the door.

nail the desk top on to the side of your pallet, and put it up against the wall. use your screwdriver and two screws to secure the pallet by attaching it to the wall. this is important, otherwise the weight you put on your desk top is going to make the pallet fall forward. and, finito! easy, fun and FREE. and I love things I can store my books on! the finished result:

A wonderful and simple diy tutorial on making a wood pallet into a small, but functional desk for any small apartment or living space.


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