18 Motivational Office Wall Colors

If you’re on the hunt for home office ideas or are planning to redesign your current space, office wall colors are one of the first design elements to consider. First, plan out the size of your space, color scheme, and the overall look you want to achieve.

Don’t get stuck with outdated
office decor or furniture you don’t absolutely love. This is especially true if you work from home, where creativity is a must-have. Finding a design you adore can take time, but with the right inspiration and motivational color palette, it doesn’t have to be a challenge.

1. Creamy Mint

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Trending: The Half-Up Top Knot


Remember when the top knot was all the rage? Well, top knot, you’ve got some stiff competition, and it comes in the form of the slightly more feminine and sexy AF half-up top knot, as worn on the heads of Kourtney Kardashian, Lily Aldridge, and Kim Kardashian. This super flattering style adds a few extra inches in the vertical direction, and it’s relatively simple to achieve.

To recreate, take the front half of your hair and gather at the crown of your head (the higher, the better). Use a rubber band to secure. Then wrap the hair already in the rubber band into a bun and pull the tail through, like tying a knot. Keep in place with a few bobby pins. Showing the tail is chic, so pull out a few random pieces to re...

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25 Wet and Wild Outdoor Science Projects and Activities

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and every kid in your classroom is staring out the window anyway. It’s time to just give in and head outdoors! These 25 outdoor science activities give you a good excuse to go enjoy the fresh air. So, what are you waiting for?

1. Construct a dirt battery.

Outside Science Dirt Battery Teach Beside Me

This outdoor science project is similar to building a battery from a lemon, but you also get to dig in the dirt! Kids learn about electric currents and conductivity.

Learn more: Teach Beside Me

2. Play a game of Nature Bingo.

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What To Wear In Goa? 20 Best Outfits Packing Tips for Men

For rainy days and rather cold nights in goa when you need to layer on your attires, you should wear a denim jacket or a button-down shirt over your tank top and shorts to fight the chilliness. Don’t forget to carry denim or a trucker jacket with you for times like these or a party at friend’s where you need to look presentable and have to ditch swim shorts and Bermudas. They look fashionable yet comfortable and light to pack and carry as well, the best option for lightly chilly days in goa.

A basic boy outfit for any day in summer or on a beach day is a cotton polo shirt, swim shorts or Bermuda shorts and white sneakers with white socks and a pair of cool shades to fight the scorching sun that’s right in the face. Brought this picture here for you all to take some chic fashion inspo from. Nothing can go wrong with a basic black shirt, white shorts and white sneakers.

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Best Custom Metal Prints To Hang In Your Home

How To Make Metal Photo Prints

With a frameless design and durable material, custom prints on metal have a longevity far beyond a typical framed piece.

You may be wondering exactly what is a metal print? In short, it’s custom wall art with a distinct metallic look that lasts longer than most typical prints. Photo prints can be as busy or as simple as you like. Pair an album of photos with customized monograms or create a simple design with plenty of negative space.

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Canvas Photo Prints Online To Decorate Your Home

If you’ve never designed photo wall art before, canvas prints are an easy way to get started. Select photos then choose a template for your art to look personalized and professional. Play with each design until you feel you have it just right. Once your artwork is delivered, hang your canvas prints on your walls using the tips we share below. You’ll love them as personalized home decor and can invite guests over to share in the beautiful space you’ve created.

Types of Canvas Prints


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5 Winter Street Style Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

Celebrities may look amazing on magazine covers and promotional images. However, their street styles are the easier ones to imitate. Many celebrities reflect their personalities in winter street styles, where more fabric and accessories appear than usual.

If you want to look more stylish than usual, try the winter styles these celebrities have shown to the world.

1. Faux Fur Coat

Fashion icons like Kendall Jenner have brought a faux fur coat to the street. You can pair such coat with more casual items, like a sweater and denim pants. Add a pair of aviator glasses to create a vintage look. Pair the coat with pumps or short boots.

A trendy outfit with green faux fur coat after white turt...

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40 Fun and Festive Adult Advent Calendars for Christmas

Before we know it, Christmas will be here! No, don’t panic. We’ve found you 40 fantastic Advent calendar gift ideas, especially for adults.

This has become one of the most popular gifting trends for the Christmas season – Advent calendars for adults. In our hand-curated selection, you’ll quickly discover wine and beer Advent calendars, ones that are ideal for your cat or dog, calendars that feature beauty or skincare products, and Advent calenders with tempting treats such as truffles or marzipan – that likely would be more delectable for ...

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Vintage Cars Glimmer with Stunning Reflections in Hyper-Realistic Painting Series

Cheryl Kelley’s captivating paintings depict vintage cars with stunningly real reflections. The artist uses smooth canvases painted with high-gloss varnish to achieve the nearly photographic effect. In fact, she classifies her work as “photo-based realism,” deriving paintings from pictures she takes at car shows. In the reflections, the artist includes hints of life in yesteryear. Silhouettes of old-style architecture, fashions from bygone eras and vintage advertisements can all be glimpsed in the sheen of a hood or glimmer of a door. “The reflections on the surfaces of the automobiles allow the viewer to go deeper, to see something more than the form,” she says.

Kelley came of age in the 1970s, as women across America sta...

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