5 Winter Street Style Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

Celebrities may look amazing on magazine covers and promotional images. However, their street styles are the easier ones to imitate. Many celebrities reflect their personalities in winter street styles, where more fabric and accessories appear than usual.

If you want to look more stylish than usual, try the winter styles these celebrities have shown to the world.

1. Faux Fur Coat

Fashion icons like Kendall Jenner have brought a faux fur coat to the street. You can pair such coat with more casual items, like a sweater and denim pants. Add a pair of aviator glasses to create a vintage look. Pair the coat with pumps or short boots.

A trendy outfit with green faux fur coat after white turtleneck sweater to complete your winter street style outfit.

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A beautiful outfit with light blue faux fur coat combined with black hoodie and cropped jeans to look trendy in winter outfit style.

A fabulous outfit with soft blue faux fur coat after knitted sweater combined with brown suede skirt and boots to perfect your winter street style.
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A wonderful outfit with pink faux fur coat and black corduroy pants combined with black beanie hat and sunglasses as an accessories for your winter style inspiration.
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A gorgeous outfit with animal faux fur coat and brown high-knee boots combined with black round hat to look fashionable in the winter street style.
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2. Coat and Denim
Smart looks like combining coat with denim are the signature styles of Dakota Johnson. The combination is easy but stylish, giving you a smart look even when you are in a casual mode. You can choose a coat with your favorite color, and pair it with denim and a simple t-shirt.

A cool outfit in the style of street style stars using black trench coats and denim pants, against a backdrop of skyscrapers.
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The combination of a shirt and denim pants with a nude coat, the results can be very effortless like a street style star that often inspires us.
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A gray coat with tight denim pants gives an urban accent. Large frame sunglasses accessories can complete the street style outfit this time.
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A fabulous outfit with black coat after brown knit sweater combined with straight denim and medium heels for your street style outfit inspiration.
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Trendy outfit with long soft purple coat combined with white simply shirt tucked into ripped denim to complete your outfit in this winter.Image source

3. Coat and Long Skirt/Dress
If the weather is still too cold for your taste, try wearing a coat with a long dress or skirt. This style is popular among classy ladies like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, who must always look proper outside. 

Winter outfit with gray turtleneck before leopard coat combined with pleated maxi skirt to complete your street style outfit.
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This Camel Trench looks good with super trendy leopard print dress over the knee boots.
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It might be quite tricky to style a leather trench coat. But you can combined with long dress in green to get elegant look.
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The long coat and skirt are the most beautiful matching outfit. Its look so warm, elegant, and stylish.

Your sundresses are dying to get out so, try to wear them with your faux fur coat. With yellow color can brighten up your appearance this winter.
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4. Statement Accessories

Models like Bella and Gigi Hadid love pairing statement accessories with simple outfits. If you want to go out with just a sweater and a pair of pants, it’s fine. However, you can always improve the look by adding snakeskin boots, glossy bags, chunky accessories, and such.

Winter outfit with black cozy coat and high boots combined with black beanie hat and patterned scarf as an accessories for your outfit inspiration.

Warm winter outfits with Russian hats and leopard scarf as an accessories to look fashionable for your street style outfit ideas.

Trendy winter clothes with purple knit beanie hat and matching colored gloves as an accessories for your street style clothing inspiration.

Beautiful winter clothes with plaid earmuffs and gray patterned scarf as an accessories to look fashionable in this winter.

An attractive winter outfit with white beanie hat and black leather bag as accessories for your winter street style outfit inspiration.
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5. Luxury Parka

People usually don’t connect “parka” with “stylish,” but you can learn from celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Emma Stone, who have been seen with luxury parkas. Unlike regular parkas, luxury parkas have more embellishments and sleek ornaments. Some parkas are decorated by faux fur on the collars.

The parka is a basic must-have so comfy and it brings a bit of color to winter time.
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If you are tired to wear a black coat, this navy winter parka is a good alternative to style your outfit effortless.
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Try this parka at the color of the army. It’s cozy and gives the air of an awesome street style.
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Wear green army parka with wool scarf are a good idea to look stylish this winter. Also wear a sunglasses for an elegant appearance.

Army green parka with faux fur details on the hoodie looks very impressive with a combination of blue knitwear.
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Unsure about what winter street styles to wear without looking too bulky? Get your cues from celebrities and look your best even with layers of clothing.

source: klambeni.com

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