15 Winter Jacket you can Wear All Year Round

A good winter jacket should keep you warm and comfortable during winter without making you look like a burrito. Unfortunately, there are plenty of winter jackets out there who only focus on the warmth and not style. Some people would avoid buying winter jacket altogether since they can’t use it in other seasons.

Since a winter jacket is quite costly, you have to be considerate in choosing one. Thus, to avoid making a bad investment on the wrong piece, here are 3 winter jacket ideas that you can pull off all year round.

1. Sleek Leather Winter Jacket

This sleek winter jacket will ensure your warmth during winter. Not only does the combination of thick material provide comfort, but it also looks cool under extensive sunlight. For other events, you can match it with a dress or leggings black for a more formal look. Providing equivalent comfort and style, you don’t need to wait for winter to wear this jacket.

Winter fashion ideas by wearing a sleek black leather jacket combined with a black turtleneck dress are suitable to warm your body this winter. Beside that you will look stylish at the same time.
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Wearing black leather jacket and paired with black pants can make your body feels warm. Completed with black leather boots to sharp your look this winter.

The combination of a mini dress flower and a sleek black leather jacket are a good idea to warm your body. To cover your feet you can wear black legging and completed with ankle boots. It can enhance your look instantly.

This sleek black leather jacket is combined with a floral maxi dress can warm your body and make you look stylish at the same time. Completed with sunglasses and you are ready for hanging out.
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The suitable winter jacket that can be worn around the year is leather jacket. You can wear in black color and pair it with black legging. Completed with knee-high boots to perfect your winter outfit style.
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2. Preppy Long Winter Jacket

Resembling a neat coat, this preppy wool winter jacket creates a modern twist into the dull array of winter OOTDs. The oversized size creates a slim silhouette, and the black color is fitting for every season. Suitable for everything including chic dresses and denim jeans, this modern piece will be a classic to-go for everyone who wants a versatile winter jacket. Although it’s a winter jacket, this prep-style piece is also perfect for autumn weather.

Combining a black preppy jacket with a black and white striped mini dress are a good idea to make you look stylish and warm this winter. Pair it with knee-high boots to strengthen your style.
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An elegant winter outfit with a preppy long black coat combined with a black turtleneck sweater and cropped denim pants to warm your body. Completed with ankle boots and black hand bag that make it more stylish in winter.

Wearing all-black outfit that consist of black balloon dress combined with preppy long coat in black are suitable to make you look sharp and edgy. Add leopard printed high heels to give a contrast look in your style.
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Add preppy coat to your winter outfit idea to warm your body. Combined with unique black mini dress and black knee-high boots to complete your winter outfit style.
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To cover your body this winter, you can wearing a preppy long coat in black and paired with dark purple dress. Completed with black legging and black ankle boots to get a perfect warmth.
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3. Black Double-Breasted Winter Peacoat

Going back to the 70s, this winter jacket is a lovely classic for everyone. Suitable for either winter weather, formal occasion, or daily use, this double-breasted winter jacket is complemented with the addition of polished buttons for closure. Moreover, the black color also gives a timeless impression to a classic fashion. If you like extra warmth to your OOTDs, you can put on other pieces such as a black pants and boots to finish the look.
While there are numerous winter jackets in stores, some are not as stylish or as versatile as they claim to be. In looking for a winter jacket, you need to pay attention not only to the quality but also its versatility. Since winter jacket is quite costly, picking something you can wear all year round would benefit you than wasting money on one season’s products.

Combining black double-breasted winter peacoat with black leather pants and moto boots are suitable for winter outfit idea. This jacket is also suitable to be worn in either occasions and season.
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Stunning appearance in winter with a combination of black double-breasted winter peacoat and black turtleneck sweater are a good idea to warm your body. Black pants and black ankle boots can perfect your style.
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The appearance of a trendy woman wearing a black double-breasted winter peacoat and white turtleneck sweater can make warm your body. Tailor pants and sleek shoes are a good idea to perfect your winter style.
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Combining turtleneck sweaters with black double-breasted winter peacoat and black pants can give an elegant appearance. Completed with ankle boots and a black leather bag to upgrade your style.
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Black double-breasted peacoat with black pants gives a cool looks. To complete your style you can complete with black ankle boots that make it more stylish in winter.
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