15 Fashionable Winter Cardigan Ideas to Keep you Warm

A timeless fashion statement, winter cardigan is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm yet still stylish in the snowy winter days. One good thing about cardigans is that you can style it with almost everything, be it turtleneck sweater, faux fur scarf, or even sleek leather pants — no need to worry about boring winter clothes. With winter cardigan, the mix-and-match opportunities are endless.

As a guide, here are 5 comfortable winter cardigan ideas you can rock this winter.

1. Long Knitted Cardigan

A straightforward yet versatile color, a long cardigan is everyone’s favorite this winter. To achieve the effortless impression, combine it with jeans, white top, and you’re ready to go. Your winter never looked this good!

Cardigan will keep you warm in winter and look fashionable. Use a white t-shirt under the knit cardigan and pair it with jeans so you will look stylish.
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Combining a white top with jeans looks simple but will make you look fashionable. Add a long cardigan on top to warm your body in winter so it is more comfortable.
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Wearing a white tank top under a knit cardigan will make you look more cute and beautiful. Just pair it with jeans and sneakers so you will look trendy.
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2. Winter Cardigan with Pockets

There’s nothing better than a warm cardigan with pockets. A long cardigan will accentuate your legs and create a slim silhouette. If you have one, you can also match it with your favorite boots for a taller figure.

There’s nothing better in winter than a warm cardigan with a pocket. Pair with ankle boots so you will look stylish and more confident.
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If you want to stay warm in winter, wearing a cardigan is the perfect idea. Choose a cardigan with a pocket to put your hands in when it’s cold so it will feel warm.
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Stylish women in winter with a knit cardigan look simple and comfortable. Knit cardigan with pockets will make you more comfortable because it can warm your hands.
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3. Two-Tone Maxi Winter Cardigan

During the time where everyone prefers comfort over trend, winter clothes might look dull with its single tonal color. Adding this two-tone winter cardigan will make your wardrobe livelier and more colorful. 

Maxi cardigan will keep you warm in winter. Choose Two-Tone Maxi Cardigan to improve your appearance so it looks more trendy.
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Wearing a two-tone maxi cardigan will make you look fashionable and stay comfortable in the winter. Pair it with denim pants and your winter never looked this good.
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Pairing two-tone maxi winter Cardigan with black jeans will make you look fabulous in winter. Add a pair of ankle boot to improve your appearance so it looks more trendy.
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4. Chic Waffle-Knit Cardigan

If you want to get that comfortable look, a waffle-knit cardigan will suit you just fine. Designed for comfort and cold temperature, a waffle-knit cardigan is a perfect stylish addition in your OOTD to protect you from cold.

If you want to get a fashionable and comfortable look, Wearing a cardigan waffle-knit is the right solution. Pair it with ripped jeans so you will look cooler.

Beautiful woman’s style in winter with stylish and comfortable waffle knit cardigans. Complete with beanies so you will look fashionable and stay comfortable.
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Wearing waffle-knit cardigans with denim shirts and jeans will make you look stylish and stay warm in winter. Complete with ankle boots so you will look perfect in winter.
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5. Snuggly Handknitted Winter Cardigan

There’s nothing like a hand knitted cardigan when it comes to a winter outfit. Not only that it’s comfortable and versatile, but the intimate, homey feeling will also make your day during the cold winter. Not only that it is comfortable, but cardigans are also timeless and will look fashionable every season. If you’re a fan of versatile or effortless clothing style, adding one or two winter cardigan to your wardrobe will be a good investment!

Winter cardigan knits aren’t only comfortable in winter but will make you look stylish. Pair it with jeans and boots so you will look trendy in winter.
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Wearing a white shirt and fabric pants covered with hand knitted cardigan will make you look classic and stay comfortable. Add a pair of high heels to improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.
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Pairing a Hand knitted cardigan with a pleated skirt will make you look feminine and stay warm in winter.Image Source

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